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Ultragenyx Opens Gene Therapy Manufacturing Facility

Published 7/7/2023
Ultragenyx - Gene Therapy Manufacturing Facility
Ultragenyx - Gene Therapy Manufacturing Facility

Ultragenyx opened a 110,000-sf gene therapy manufacturing facility in June of 2023 in Bedford, Mass. Advancing the creation of innovative treatments for rare genetic diseases, the sophisticated structure enables the large-scale manufacture of clinical-stage materials and approved products based on adeno-associated viral vectors (AAV). The highly efficient building integrates the company's proprietary Pinnacle PCL™ (producer cell line) platform which delivers optimal quality and scalability while reducing costs. Utilizing 2,000-liter bioreactors, the future-facing plant can currently generate 30 batches per year. A second, independent manufacturing suite can be activated as needed to supply additional capacity.

Cardinal Group broke ground in fall of 2020 on the project, which will accommodate approximately 120 employees. Utragenyx is based in Novato, California.

Organization Project Role
Cardinal Group
Construction Manager