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  • The University of California, San Francisco will break ground in April of 2017 on the $275 million Precision Cancer Medicine Building.

  • SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital is partnering with SLUCare Physician Group to build a $550 million academic medical center in St. Louis.

  • University of Texas at Austin Uses Discovery-Driven Planning to Develop Dell Medical School

    The University of Texas at Austin used a discovery-driven planning process to design the Dell Medical School, the first new academic medical center built from the ground up at a tier-one public university in almost 50 years. The project required developing an accredited curriculum and designing the initial building without any pre-existing faculty, students, or dean. Designed to connect the campus medical district to the rest of the university and downtown Austin, the new 75,000-sf Health Learning Building features flexible team-based learning studios with natural light, an all-digital library with no books, state-of-the-art medical simulation labs, and abundant indoor and outdoor social spaces that make it a dynamic community hub.

  • The University of Cincinnati began construction in March of 2017 on the $61 million Health Sciences Building.

  • Facility Models for Training Next-Gen Collaborative Scientists

    “Convergence” is the term increasingly used to describe the intermingling of disciplines in next-gen academic research facilities. Embodied by today’s moonshot-type initiatives targeting big picture-level discovery, convergence has been dubbed “the next scientific revolution.” It is characterized by collaboration among experts in multiple fields of endeavor tackling the major scientific problems of our time. From a facility perspective, convergence goes beyond the organizational progression that has seen traditional departmental siloes challenged by the move to multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary or clustered research. It brings together many diverse specialties, from biomedicine to engineering to business to law, in a single place.

  • The University of Southern Mississippi dedicated the $31 million Asbury Hall in March of 2017 in Hattiesburg, Miss.

  • The University of Arizona opened the $136 million Biosciences Partnership Building in February of 2017.

  • The University of Adelaide opened the AUD$246 million Health and Medical Science Building in February of 2017 in South Australia.

  • Froedtert Hospital will begin construction in spring of 2017 on a 165,000-sf expansion of the Center for Advanced Care.

  • University of Texas at Austin

    The Dell Medical School Health and Learning Building is the first step in UT Austin’s ambitious plan to build the first new medical school at a Research I institution in 50 years. The 75,000-sf facility, which comprises phase one of the plan, will serve as the face of the new institution.


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