Northwell Health Bolsters Research Capabilities With $34.7 Million Lab Renovation at the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research

Design Upgrades Enhance Today’s Work Environment and Address Long-Term Research Needs

Published 8-24-2022

New York’s largest healthcare provider is adapting to evolving research demands by making its Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research more conducive to the needs of today’s researchers and those hired in the future, by increasing lab capacity and efficiency, upgrading infrastructure, repurposing underutilized space, and incorporating flexibility to accommodate facility modifications for many years. The renovation is the beginning of a multi-faceted approach to support the institute’s strategy for growth.

Stony Brook University’s New Ultra-Low-Temp Walk-in Freezer Farm

An Energy Efficient, Lower Cost Alternative to Traditional Point-of-Use Freezers

Published 4-13-2022

Stony Brook University’s Renaissance School of Medicine in Stony Brook, N.Y., has increased its capacity for ultra-low-temperature freezer storage, a need that became critical nationwide in early 2021 when the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine required that level of storage, limiting which hospitals and pharmacies could offer it. Stony Brook’s new 560,000-sf Medical and Research Translation facility contains a low-temp walk-in (LTW) Freezer Farm suite with eight minus-80-degree-Celsius permanent storage chambers and a minus-20-degree-Celsius storage corridor with a combined capacity of over 1.8 million samples. This is the equivalent storage of 80 traditional point-of-use (POU) stand-alone freezer units.