University System of New Hampshire Selects Sightlines for Facility Condition Assessment and Lifecycle Study

The University System of New Hampshire has selected Sightlines to perform a comprehensive Facility Condition Assessment and lifecycle study of core buildings on the four campuses that comprise the system, which includes approximately 9.6 million gsf of educational facilities and supporting infrastructure. This study will provide complete building and property evaluations, corrective and maintenance recommendations, and budget estimates for the corrective work, serving as the basis for the development of an all-inclusive capital plan to address deferred maintenance issues.

Sightlines has also been selected by Massachusetts Community Colleges to conduct Facility Condition Assessments at all 15 campuses, encompassing 131 active major buildings totaling approximately 6.7 million sf. Many of these buildings were built during the 1970s and still rely on systems that were part of the original construction. The assessments will identify investment priorities and support predictable funding for capital renewal at these campuses over a five-year period.

Sightlines partnered with RSMeans data engineers in the Facility Condition Assessment proposals accepted by both systems. Sightlines is based in Guildford, Conn.