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National University of Singapore Opens Net-Zero Energy Building

Published 2/11/2019
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The National University of Singapore opened the six-story, 92,000-sf Net-Zero Energy Building in January of 2019. Providing design studios, teaching and research space, and common areas for the School of Design and Environment, SDE4 is the first new-build, net-zero facility in Singapore. WELL certification will be sought for the project, which features a rooftop solar farm with 1225 panels, a hybrid cooling system, and a narrow floorplate to optimize passive ventilation and natural lighting. Acting as a living laboratory, the building is a prototype for the university's new human-centric facilities model and represents the first phase of the Engineering and Design & Environment precinct. The project includes the redevelopment of another building to create a net-positive energy, net-zero water, wellness certified, and low-carbon facility. Two existing structures are also currently undergoing renovation.