Alexandria Real Estate Equities Achieves World's First WELL Health-Safety Rating for Laboratory Space

Published 11-23-2020

Alexandria Real Estate Equities has attained the world's first WELL Health-Safety Rating for laboratory space at Alexandria LaunchLabs in New York City. Augmenting the center’s existing WELL certification for building design, the WELL Health-Safety Rating for Facilities Operations and Management includes further measures to protect the health of tenants, employees, visitors, and service personnel. Protocols at Alexandria LaunchLabs include:

  • Implementation and enhancement of green practices for cleaning, disinfection, and maintenance
  • Optimization of air filtration systems
  • Adoption of a face covering policy
  • Promotion and provision of access to flu shots in collaboration with Mount Sinai Medical Center
  • Leveraging informational health and safety graphics to guide occupant behavior

Launched in June of 2020 by the International WELL Building Institute, the WELL Health-Safety Rating focuses on operational practices, emergency preparedness programs, health service resources, air and water quality management, and stakeholder engagement and communications. The third-party certification program is informed by guidance from national and global public health agencies such as the World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as other recognized standard-making bodies such as ASTM International and ASHRAE. Adherence to the latest guidelines for best practices, safe materials, and optimal ventilation systems is an integral part of Alexandria's initiatives to reinforce occupant confidence in the workplace and to improve employee productivity and wellness. By implementing these evidence-based strategies, operations at the facility have proceeded uninterrupted throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling member companies to continue to engage in crucial drug discovery research and development.