Boston Real Estate COVID Consortium Creates Best Practices Toolkit

Published 5-8-2020

Boston Real Estate COVID Consortium is creating a toolkit of strategies for workplace design, construction, and management in response to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. The mission of the consortium is to share knowledge relating to current industry best practices, due diligence, and adapting to changes in codes and regulatory amendments for the post-pandemic working environment. Co-founded by STV/DPM, an owner’s project management firm, the multidisciplinary initiative will draw on the insights of industry experts in design, construction, project management, environmental engineering, commissioning, code compliance, technology, furniture, and commercial real estate brokerage. Founding members include SGA, Adtech Systems, Code Red Consultants, Lee Kennedy, Synergy Consultants, WB Engineers, PES Associates, 128 CRE, and Environments at Work.

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