Hixson Offers Free Webinar on Optimizing Your Lab Facility and Removing Roadblocks to Success

Published 5-11-2020

Hixson is offering a free webinar at 2:00 PM EDT on May 14, 2020. "Optimizing Your Lab Facility: Removing Roadblocks to Success" will enable facilities planning and management professionals to learn how to identify barriers to R&D lab performance; discover design and engineering solutions that can reduce or eliminate lab constraints; and develop a winning business case to make strategic capital investments for facility improvements.

Many existing lab spaces are filled with roadblocks that cause them to be less than ideal: 

  • They might be no longer fit for their intended purpose.
  • Workflows can be inefficient.
  • They contain non-value-added spaces and equipment.

Despite these roadblocks, organizations are under constant pressure to gain competitive advantages and produce results. This pressure drives the need to hire and retain highly talented personnel, stimulate a high-degree of collaboration to foster innovation, and find ways to enable work processes to be completed efficiently and effectively. Unfortunately, since R&D facilities and labs are not typically considered profit centers, it can be difficult to justify the construction of a completely new facility. Instead, personnel often find ways to adapt existing spaces, even if those workarounds are imperfect. This one-hour webinar will explore how R&D facilities can deliver more value to the corporation by eliminating roadblocks to success.

To register, visit Xtalks.

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