Texas A&M University System Plans Fall Reopening

Published 6-10-2020

The Texas A&M University System is planning to reopen its 11 campuses in fall of 2020 for in-person instruction and residence. Incorporating the latest guidelines from infectious disease experts and local, state, and federal officials, Texas A&M has created a strategic plan that prioritizes the safety and wellbeing of students and faculty and minimizes the risk of SARS-CoV-2 exposure. Classes will begin in mid-August with the semester ending prior to Thanksgiving. Both face-to-face and distance learning options will be available for every course, with hybrid classes mixing in-person and remote instruction to reduce occupancy in instructional spaces. Face-to-face classes may also be scheduled on extended days and times, including Saturdays. 

Physical distancing will be implemented in all classrooms, academic offices, research labs, residence halls, and other shared spaces, which will benefit from enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols. Student housing move-in will be phased, with scheduled appointments available to limit pedestrian traffic.

Other planned measures include the development of a face-covering policy, making testing available for symptomatic students, and the creation of a contact tracing system. Building ventilations systems will also be analyzed and optimized to reduce the chances of viral exposure.