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Alternative Work Styles

Cargill Opens Protein Headquarters

Published 12/17/2018

Cargill opened its $70 million protein headquarters in Wichita in December of 2018. Supporting product research, development, and testing, the four-story, 188,000-sf facility can accommodate up to 950 employees in open office environments designed to promote interaction and innovation. Offering collaboration spaces throughout the building, the technology-rich structure includes a café, a conference center, a state-of-the-art sensory center, and a customer presentation kitchen. The facility also includes wellness rooms and employee locker rooms with showers and bike racks.

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Creating Unique Research Facilities to Pursue the Newest Scientific Exploration

Published 12/12/2018

Most A&E teams will never have to plan the descent of a highly sensitive, one-of-a-kind particle accelerator a mile down a wet, dark, crooked shaft to an astrophysics research facility built in a decommissioned gold mine. Or collaborate on a strategy to acquire and store the equivalent of 20 percent of a year’s production of xenon gas without making a massive one-time purchase that could trigger a drastic spike in market prices. Or order equipment from around the globe that has to be transported by ship, rail, or truck because of the exposure to radiation in flight. The professionals who faced these challenges will probably not encounter them again on future projects. However, as scientific discovery continues to push the frontiers of the unknown, the need to create unique research environments is likely to become more frequent.

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University of Melbourne Begins Construction on Innovation Precinct

Published 11/15/2018

The University of Melbourne began construction in October of 2018 on Melbourne Connect, a AUD$425 million innovation precinct. Created in partnership with a development consortium steered by Lendlease, the 800,000-sf project will include a fabrication lab, student accommodation, commercial offices, a co-working center, retail amenities, and space for Science Gallery Melbourne. Designed by Woods Bagot, the mixed-use complex will comprise five buildings connected by a 35,000-sf superfloor and a central public outdoor garden.

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Uptown Consortium Plans CoMade Innovation Hub

Published 11/5/2018

Uptown Consortium is planning to build the $26 million CoMade innovation hub in Cincinnati. Designed by BDR Design Group, the three-story, 100,000-sf facility will provide leasable space for startup companies engaged in product development and early-stage manufacturing operations. The building will also accommodate integrated job training programs to support the creation of a skilled workforce. Completion is expected by fall of 2020. The construction and land acquisition cost for the project is $21 million. 

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Academic Medicine Adopts the “Workplace of the Future”

Published 7/11/2018

Anyone who has ever set foot in a hospital knows the scene: doctors, nurses, residents, and interns huddling in the hallway discussing a patient’s care. For any number of reasons, that is not the best way to confer, but traditional academic medical centers offer few alternatives. The situation is exacerbated by the increase in adjunct faculty who lack even scattered departmental resources like office space. At the same time, millennials are entering academic medicine with even higher expectations—of greater collaboration, pervasive technology, and continuous connectivity.

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Charles Schwab Expands Austin Campus

Published 6/14/2018

Charles Schwab is engaged in a major expansion of its 50-acre Gracy Farms campus in north Austin. In June of 2018, the financial services company opened two five-story buildings providing 469,000 sf of office space, as well as an amenities center and a parking garage. Featuring a 275-seat multipurpose auditorium and an onsite yoga studio, the complex offers integrated campus walking trails and flexible sit/stand workstations.

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AstraZeneca Opens South San Francisco Facility

Published 6/6/2018

AstraZeneca opened its 163,000-sf South San Francisco facility in May of 2018. Located in the Cove at Oyster Point, the project houses a total of 400 employees from four organizations: Acerta Pharma, MedImmune, Pearl Therapeutics, and Technology Innovation & Delivery Excellence (TIDE). Designed by HOK to promote collaboration and innovation, the open lab and office environments incorporate AstraZeneca’s iWork philosophy, an activity-based approach that embraces industry best practices.

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Bristol-Myers Squibb Opens Biologics Discovery Center

Published 5/18/2018

Global biopharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb opened a 62,000-sf biologics discovery center on its Redwood City campus in April of 2018. Designed by Stantec to support the development of new cancer therapies, the facility provides research labs and 115 perimeter workstations in an open office environment. The building is illuminated by abundant natural light and offers huddle rooms and conference rooms adjoining the main circulation area to enhance collaboration.

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Accenture Creates San Francisco Innovation Hub

Published 4/3/2018

Accenture is creating a 126,000-sf innovation hub in Salesforce Tower in San Francisco. Designed by Gensler to promote collaboration, the 126,000-sf leased facility features open offices and meeting areas arranged in neighborhoods to foster interaction. The project will support Accenture's technology, digital business, and consulting operations, and is one of ten innovation hubs that the company will open nationwide by late 2020.

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Princeton Partners with BioLabs on Business Incubator and Coworking Facility

Published 3/3/2018

Princeton University is partnering with BioLabs to create the 31,000-sf Princeton Innovation Center BioLabs on the James Forrestal Campus in New Jersey. Accommodating up to 25 startup companies, the business incubator and coworking space will offer 68 lab benches, private offices, and hot desks in a collaborative environment designed to foster entrepreneurial innovation. Occupancy is expected in April of 2018. BioLabs is a national provider of shared lab and office facilities, with locations in San Francisco, San Diego, Boston, and New York. 

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Henkel Completes North American Consumer Goods Headquarters

Published 3/1/2018

Global manufacturing company Henkel opened its North American consumer goods headquarters in Stamford in February of 2018. Designed by Ware Malcomb to promote interaction, the three-story, 155,000-sf facility provides flexible work spaces for 425 employees. The building offers collaborative offices arranged in team neighborhoods as well as focus rooms, huddle rooms, and conference rooms. On the first floor, a research and development facility is sited adjacent to offices and presentation suites.

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WELL™ Buildings for Occupants’ Well-Being

Published 2/28/2018

The WELL Building Standard™ codifies several design and operational attributes that promote human health and wellness in the workplace. The outgrowth of a collaboration among architects, engineers, and the medical community to identify and address today’s top public health concerns, WELL takes conventional wellness initiatives several steps further by advancing a people-centric agenda that focuses holistically on employees’ physical, mental, and social well-being.

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Medical College of Wisconsin Opens Hub for Collaborative Medicine

Published 2/24/2018

The Medical College of Wisconsin opened the $90 million Hub for Collaborative Medicine in February of 2018 in Wauwatosa. Designed by Flad Architects, the eight-story, 318,000-sf administrative building can house 1,500 occupants, including clinicians, researchers, faculty members, and administrative staff. The facility is physically connected to the existing Medical Education and Health Research Center buildings to the north at multiple levels, and connected to the Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratory Building to the south by an enclosed elevated skywalk.

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Mass Innovation Labs Signs Ground Lease at Innovation Square Seaport

Published 1/19/2018

Mass Innovation Labs, a provider of life science research space solutions, signed a ground lease in December of 2017 for 54,0000 sf at Innovation Square Seaport (iSQ) in Boston. Located in the Raymond L. Flynn Marine Park, the 375,000-sf iSQ campus is being built by Related Beal, a real estate developer, owner, and operator. Mass Innovation Labs will anchor the first two floors of the multi-tenant facility, which will include coworking spaces and a collaboration center.

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