• LAB2050: Imagining the Lab of the Half Century


    Imagine a baby born today. She’s smart and science-minded. Through good luck and hard work, she earns her doctorate early, and by age 31, she is solidly embarked on a research career. What does her lab look like? That’s what two SmithGroup thought leaders—Adam Denmark, director of Laboratory Planning, and Steve Palumbo, Science and Technology Studio leader—sought to find out with their team members though a yearlong research initiative they called LAB2050. Collectively, the SmithGroup team and their client advisors defined six categories that they used to project current trends forward—technology, funding and partnerships, energy and the environment, collaboration, synergies, and planning and design—and to visualize the new ones that might emerge.

  • Butler University Renovates and Expands Science Facilities


    Butler University will begin construction in summer of 2019 on a $100 million renovation and expansion project to upgrade its science facilities in Indianapolis. The first phase of construction comprises a connecting structure joining the Holcomb building to Gallahue Hall.

  • Hackensack Meridian Health Opens Center for Discovery and Innovation


    Hackensack Meridian Health opened the Center for Discovery and Innovation in May of 2019 in Nutley, N.J.

  • University of Colorado Breaks Ground on Business & Engineering Expansion


    The University of Colorado broke ground in June of 2019 on a $45 million business and engineering expansion in Boulder.

  • University of Strathclyde Constructs Learning & Teaching Building


    The University of Strathclyde is building the £60 million Learning & Teaching Building in Glasgow in the United Kingdom.

  • Pennsylvania State University Constructs Bellisario Media Center


    Pennsylvania State University began construction in April of 2019 on the Donald P. Bellisario Media Center in University Park.

  • Center for Active Design Creates Updated Fitwel Certification Standard


    The Center for Active Design will release Fitwel v2.1 in June of 2019. Promoting the creation of facilities that optimize health, Fitwel was developed by the U.S.

  • University of Massachusetts Amherst Opens Physical Sciences Building


    The University of Massachusetts Amherst opened the $101 million Physical Sciences Building in April of 2019. Designed by Wilson HGA, the 95,000-sf facility can accommodate 20 faculty-led research groups with a total of 130 reconfigurable bench positions.

  • Reviving Legacy Buildings for 21st Century Science


    Miami University and The Pennsylvania State University have transformed outdated buildings into modern STEM teaching and research centers while maintaining some of each building’s historic aspects. The projects aim to replace siloed labs, dark corridors, and dated HVAC systems with collaborative research facilities and up-to-date mechanicals, recapturing wasted space to provide areas where students can gather. Swing space for affected occupants was crucial—Miami University’s Pearson Hall remained partially occupied during construction, while Penn State’s Steidle Building was vacated—as was clear and frequent communication with faculty and other building users. Both projects required fairly complex phasing.

  • Designing the Veterinary School of the Future


    When Texas A&M created a new set of buildings for its veterinary school, it sought to provide spaces that would work for current methods of teaching sciences, but also flexibility to accommodate future change.