Operating Cost

  • 2014 Biocontainment Facilities Priorities


    The following is a compilation of responses to a survey that asked individuals responsible for planning, design, operations, and maintenance of high-containment facilities to rank their priorities for 2014 and make open-ended comments regarding those priorities.

  • Incorporating Lean Concepts in Space Planning


    A new approach to space planning based on Lean design concepts improves space utilization processes and helps reduce building and operating expenses for academic, research, and healthcare facilities by achieving maximum efficiency with minimum construction.

  • University Of Sussex Outsources Facilities Management to Interserve


    The University of Sussex has initiated a $246 million service delivery contract with Interserve.

  • Eastern Kentucky University Partners with Siemens for Energy Savings


    Eastern Kentucky University's utility costs have remained stable over the last two years due to the implementation five years ago of an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) with Siemens Building Technologies.

  • The Current State and Projected Future of Research Facilities


    The following is a condensed transcript of a panel discussion from Tradeline’s 2013 International Conference on Research Facilities. The panelists are William Gustafson, principal at Ballinger; Steven Frei, principal at Affiliated Engineers, and Michael Reagan, vice president of Stantec. The moderator is Steve Westfall, founder and CEO of Tradeline.

  • Forward-Thinking Design Ensures Uninterrupted Operation of AAHL


    The Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL), a high-containment facility in Geelong, Victoria, has been operating 24/7 with no shutdowns, even for maintenance or upgrades, for nearly 30 years, thanks to the initial design, selection of materials, and quality of construction.

  • University of Massachusetts Medical School Initiates Energy Retrofit


    The University of Massachusetts Medical School is initiating an energy retrofit of the Lazare Medical Research Facility in Worcester.

  • New Academic Research Lab Planning Metrics


    With academic research funding either flat or slumping, it’s time to rethink current laboratory design standards. Concurrent with the funding slide is a hike in both direct costs (salaries, for example) and indirect research costs like spending on facilities operation, equipment, and labor.

  • State of Washington Implements AiM for Facilities Inventory Management


    The State of Washington’s Department of Enterprise Services (DES) has selected AssetWorks' AiM platform to serve as the statewide facilities inventory system.

  • Montana State University Builds College of Business


    Montana State University is building the $18 million College of Business in Bozeman. The 45,000-sf facility will be aligned for maximal sunlight harvesting in the winter months with the south side of the building comprised almost entirely of windows.