Operating Cost

  • Editorial: No Square Feet in the C-suite!


    How many facilities management and corporate real estate editorials and articles have been written over the past five years championing the cause that facilities management and corporate real estate need seats in the C-suite Club?

  • Rethinking Assumptions about Energy Consumption in Research Facilities


    An evidence-based approach to designing and analyzing research laboratories—one that focuses on practical and interrelated reductions in energy use—offers long-term cost benefits that trump popular but often-underperforming symbolic gestures.

  • Population Served Drives FM Staffing Levels More Than Space


    The biggest factor in determining or predicting appropriate facilities management staffing levels is not the amount or type of space managed, but the size and type of the workforce served. This revelation, which contradicts widespread thought and practice, came to light in a new study of how facility management staffing models have changed over the past 10 years—a period that includes the Great Recession of 2008.

  • Integrating Data Collection with FM System Reduces Lifecycle Costs


    Efficiently capturing facility management data about a new building or recently installed equipment saves time and money for the plant operations team after construction is completed.

  • Onset Announces New Data Logger for Building Performance Monitoring


    Onset announced the release of a new high-performance data logger for building performance monitoring applications in January of 2014.

  • Leasing of Research Facilities Becoming More Prevalent in Coveted Urban Areas


    Lease arrangements for office and laboratory space have historically been mostly for smaller companies, but are now becoming increasingly popular as a way for large research institutions to find an entrée into or expand in congested and expensive urban centers quickly, cost-effectively, and with

  • 2014 Biocontainment Facilities Priorities


    The following is a compilation of responses to a survey that asked individuals responsible for planning, design, operations, and maintenance of high-containment facilities to rank their priorities for 2014 and make open-ended comments regarding those priorities.

  • Incorporating Lean Concepts in Space Planning


    A new approach to space planning based on Lean design concepts improves space utilization processes and helps reduce building and operating expenses for academic, research, and healthcare facilities by achieving maximum efficiency with minimum construction.

  • University Of Sussex Outsources Facilities Management to Interserve


    The University of Sussex has initiated a $246 million service delivery contract with Interserve.

  • Eastern Kentucky University Partners with Siemens for Energy Savings


    Eastern Kentucky University's utility costs have remained stable over the last two years due to the implementation five years ago of an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) with Siemens Building Technologies.