Operating Cost

  • Core Facilities Advance Biomedical Research


    In an era of shrinking research funding and growing reliance on complex technologies, a centralized core model resolves a host of issues faced by sizable institutions like University Health Network (UHN) in Toronto, Canada’s largest research hospital.

  • Mapping Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Boundaries in 3-D BIM


    Just as building information modeling (BIM) can prevent contractors from laying one exhaust duct in the path of another, BIM can ensure that research-critical tools, sensitive to electromagnetic interference (EMI), are not destined for a room next to the elevator.

  • Ferris State University Creates Shimadzu Core Laboratory


    Ferris State University will open the Shimadzu Core Laboratory for Academic and Research Excellence in fall of 2015.

  • Yale University Kline Chemistry Laboratory


    A gut renovation of the Kline Chemistry Laboratory has created a highly energy-efficient facility, with open work spaces and more than 60 high-performance fume hoods, the highest density of any building on campus.

  • Extending the Long-Term Viability of Animal Facilities


    Flexible room configurations, durable finishes and equipment, and highly sensitive airflow control and monitoring can extend the sustainable life of animal facilities and vivaria, where the research and biosecurity needs can change repeatedly over the course of several years.

  • Johns Hopkins University Leases Baltimore Research Facility


    Johns Hopkins University will lease 115,000 sf in a new laboratory building under construction in Baltimore.

  • Operating Cost Benchmarks for Biomedical Research Facilities


    The research infrastructure department at the Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University’s showcase research center, employs a dedicated facilities service organization with considerable in-house expertise, and granular benchmarking tools that track utilities and facilities costs in multiple c

  • Optimizing Facility Operations Without Building New Spaces


    Facility managers can achieve optimal performance by “sweating their assets”—making existing assets work harder—through a careful analysis of what factors contribute to the highest throughput and then undertaking initiatives that will help them reach those goals.

  • KPIs and Metrics that Achieve Space Management Cost Savings


    GlaxoSmithKline recently engaged Computerized Facility Integration (CFI) to develop an executive reporting dashboard that will give leaders the ability to track key performance indicators (KPIs) that help identify organizational opportunities and missteps.

  • Merck Serono Breaks Ground on Nantong Manufacturing Facility


    Merck broke ground in August of 2014 on a $108 million pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Nantong, China. Located in the BioSpark development, the 430,560-sf facility will produce therapeutics for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, thyroid disorders, and diabetes.