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Pivotal, Optum, and Array Analytics Offer Webinar on Planning for the Future of Healthcare

Published 7/17/2020

Pivotal is partnering with Optum and Array Analytics to offer a live webinar at 12:00 PM (EDT) on July 29, 2020. "It's Time to Be Agile: Planning for the Future of Healthcare" will explore the integration of healthcare strategic planning with asset management and facilities planning. The session will detail ways that data can be leveraged through technology to enable health systems to quickly adapt to market transformations.

Topics will include:

  • How Optum and Array Analytics joined forces to provide an innovative solution that combines healthcare strategic planning efforts with real estate and asset management.
  • How to leverage technology to aggregate critical sources of data and align key stakeholders to support quicker decisions.
  • Case studies of how Pivotal, Optum, and Array Analytics have used scenario-based, data-driven, and dynamic strategic planning to understand possible outcomes during this time of uncertainty.

To register, visit Array Analytics.