Construction Cost

Biocontainment Lab Designs for Resource-Limited Regions Bring Consistency, Cost Predictability, Sustainability Benefits

One Prototype Overcomes Contextual Challenges to Reduce Risk and Promote Biosafety

Published 5-2-2018

A new approach to the design of diagnostic labs in resource-constrained settings reduces risk and improves outcomes while accelerating the project timeline and lowering costs. The approach is based on the concept of One Prototype, which uses similar design modules as a starting point for each lab facility, whether new construction or renovation, no matter what the scale.

Congress Moves to Increase NIH Budget; Secure Indirect Cost Recovery

Senate Appropriations Approves $2 Billion Increase for NIH

Published 9-20-2017

There are positive signs that funding for scientific research will not only be maintained, but will once again increase. Earlier this month, the Senate Appropriations Committee overwhelmingly approved $36.1 billion for the National Institutes of Health for the upcoming fiscal year. If approved intact, it will mark the third consecutive year that the NIH receives a $2 billion increase. The House Appropriations Committee already approved a $1.1 billion increase.