Space Use

  • What's New in Academic Medical Health Science Centers?


    The following is a condensed transcript of a panel discussion that took place at Tradeline’s Academic Medical and Health Science Centers 2013 Conference. The panelists are Ian McDermott, senior director of MedRIST, University Health Network, and Scott Kelsey, managing principal at CO Architects. The moderator is Derek Westfall, president of Tradeline.

  • Leasing of Research Facilities Becoming More Prevalent in Coveted Urban Areas


    Lease arrangements for office and laboratory space have historically been mostly for smaller companies, but are now becoming increasingly popular as a way for large research institutions to find an entrée into or expand in congested and expensive urban centers quickly, cost-effectively, and with

  • 2014 Biocontainment Facilities Priorities


    The following is a compilation of responses to a survey that asked individuals responsible for planning, design, operations, and maintenance of high-containment facilities to rank their priorities for 2014 and make open-ended comments regarding those priorities.

  • Incorporating Lean Concepts in Space Planning


    A new approach to space planning based on Lean design concepts improves space utilization processes and helps reduce building and operating expenses for academic, research, and healthcare facilities by achieving maximum efficiency with minimum construction.

  • University of North Texas Implements Modular Construction


    The University of North Texas has partnered with Ramtech Building Systems on a modular construction project in Denton. The three-building installation provides 38,000 sf of instructional space, conference rooms, and faculty and administrative offices.

  • Knocking Down Walls, Opening Up Communication


    Biogen Idec is exchanging the tired academic layout of a 20-year-old lab facility for an open and modular configuration that combines innovative “I” and “we” spaces to stimulate not only efficient space utilization, but also competitiveness and an alignment with the company’s scientific goals in

  • New Academic Research Lab Planning Metrics


    With academic research funding either flat or slumping, it’s time to rethink current laboratory design standards. Concurrent with the funding slide is a hike in both direct costs (salaries, for example) and indirect research costs like spending on facilities operation, equipment, and labor.

  • State of Washington Implements AiM for Facilities Inventory Management


    The State of Washington’s Department of Enterprise Services (DES) has selected AssetWorks' AiM platform to serve as the statewide facilities inventory system.

  • Energy-Efficient Renovations Make Older Buildings Relevant


    Renovating facilities using sustainable design can be an economically feasible means of making older buildings relevant again.

  • Brigham and Women’s HospitalAdvanced Multimodality Image Guided Operating Suite


    The 5,700-sf Advanced Multimodality Image Guided Operating Suite (AMIGO) represents a significant development in integrating imaging and surgery into one space. The Suite is located in a basement of Brigham and Women’s Hospital.